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Revolution Acoustics has an obligation to live up to its name and to master its objectives. The DNA of the company is based on a team of experts who’s sole purpose is innovation that renders metamorphic change. The company is singularly focused on the invisible category of audio leveraging physical science and art to render compelling results. We are driven to augment the listening experience as well as the value proposition. The Team at Revolution Acoustics is conceiving new applications based on their technologies that change how we experience and live with sound. Products with a difference that make a difference.

Introducing the Revolution Acoustics

SSP6 Multiducer Hidden Audio System

The SSP6™ Multiducer™ (multifunctional transducer) miraculously transforms nearly any panel structure into an audio speaker in the new form factor – Invisible. Revolutionary thinking has created the most compact and powerful patented “invisible.e” audio systems available today offering room filling even sound pressure and full frequency respons everywher

Invisible Audio

Embedding the SSP6 Multiducer™ into walls, ceilings, floors, windows, furniture, vehicles etc., transforms non-acoustic materials and devices into high fidelity truly full range audio speakers. A two minute installation coupled with real performance provides specifiers with a powerful tool to solve nearly all audio specification problems.

Drywall, wood, glass metal and other panel materials open up a myriad of installation opportunities. 70V and 100V compatible.

SSP6 Technology

The SSP6 technology is further leveraged by way of the patented CR2 and CR4 suspended T-Bar ceiling speakers. Using an entirely different subset of acoustical physics (bending wave physics), the SPP6™ introduces “Ergonomic Audio™” for the first time, projecting sound unlike any other conventional speaker, filling the entire space with even sound pressure and frequency response. A pair of SSP6™ Multiducers™ can replace six or more conventional speakers offering exceptional value with a more immersive sound field. Polar dispersion characteristics are unmatched in the industry. UL 2043 certified, IP65 waterproof and dust proof certified coupled with virtually solid-state construction make the SSP6 Multiducer a reliable solution in all environments. Simply magical. Invisible audio which is literally out of sight with performance to match.

User Experience

• Next generation and new level of sophistication patented invisible embedded audio technology. • SSP6 with new Rev-Loc™ universal screw on mounting plate for unparalleled ease of installation to virtually all substrates in less then 3-5 minutes. • Incredible class leading acoustic fidelity while driving materials including glass, drywall, wood, fiberglass, metal, or…. • Highest power density, best sounding transducers available using high energy magnet structures. • Proprietary cooling technologies for better efficiency and reliability. • Frequency range full bandwidth: (unequalized) 45Hz – 20KHz. • 70V and 100V compatible. Revolution Acoustics RA-T1 multitap transformer available. • Revolution Acoustics part RA-HPL to be used with SSP6 if third party amplifiers are used greater than 150W/ch. • Subwoofer not required for general purpose audio but recommended for home theatre installations.


From Music to Paging

Expect it everywhere.

Save Power



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Phone: +61 3 9490 5888 Address: 58 Quinn St, Preston, VIC, 3072, AUSTRALIA

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